XE.com is an amazing forex website that offers countless new ways to look at the business like never before. There websites offers forex rates, currency converters, money transfer services and apps to keep you always connected to the website. XE.com has really brought themselves up in the business market and are surely standing out amongst their competitors.
The converters and calculators that they offer are absolutely sublime. There is currency converter service simply displays the rates of your base currency against the desired currency. There are over 180+ currencies to choose from which is quite impressive. They also have an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) calculator which simply decodes your IBAN according to the country you want to send your money in. Another impressive service is the travel expense calculator. This amazing service calculates all your expenses that you had to pay on a business trip to a foreign country. It calculates it through your credit card and debit cards bills and also through foreign cash and receipts to determine the exact expenses that you had to bear. XE.com are also known to offer cheap money transfer rates.
Now let’s move away from converters and calculators and get to the real deal. XE.com offers currency data API service which is an amazing service for you if you are a multinational business owner who thrives on real time currency data. XE.com has flexible packages that can be arranged according to your business needs. It has to over 160 currencies of the world with reliable rates. The most amazing thing about this service from XE.com is the attention to detail. They have a blender service that gathers the currency rates from over 100+ different sources just to average out the most accurate possible result and deliver it you so you can do business accordingly. This service also provides you live feed of the currency rates so you don’t miss any moment and take necessary decisions and do payments in your business with ease. Historic currency data is also provided that date backs to the year 1998.
You can acquire this currency data service for just $799 for a year which is a bargain if you are an owner of multinational business company.
XE.com also has currency charts to help you look around and compare different currencies according to you own interest. You can also subscribe to their currency newsletter service to earn more about forex rates. XE.com also has its own learning section where you can learn a lot about forex trading through currency encyclopaedia and currency glossary. You can also view their blog postings to learn about market analysis for different regions of the world.
Overall XE.com is one of the best options available in forex market if you want to connect into it. Their services are spectacular and they are trusted globally by some of the biggest companies of the world. You can simply register yourself to their website for free and keep up to date with world of currency exchange and keep your business running. So if you are looking for a reliable and accurate source for forex rates then XE.com is the place to be.


xe.com have a large following due to their forums and very basic but knowledgeable website.
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xe.com have a large following due to their forums and very basic but knowledgeable website.

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